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Leslie Whitney

Leslie Whitney
502 Bell Avenue

June 24, 2002

Attention Future Home Seller:

In lieu of meeting with your face, please accept this letter as my complete recommendation of Dan Passanante to sell your home.

My situation was a bit abnormal when I met Dan. You see, my house at 864 Old Oak Road had previously been on the market for many, many months and listed with two separate agents. Not only did the house not sell, I didn’t even get any offers! Granted, it was a down real estate market, but, week after week I would check newspaper and see the many houses that had closed escrow in Livermore… point being, someone was doing something that my agent(s) hadn’t been doing.

After much frustration, we took our house off the market and reevaluated our financial situation. The outlook was bleak to say the least. Enter Dan Passannante. He was obviously working for a buyer when he approached me. He went back to old listings and found my telephone number. He called and ask if the house was possibly still for sale. It was a dream come true! Not only did he have one buyer, he had two!!! I was so impressed with his commitment to find the perfect house for his buyer(s) that I felt completely comfortable letting him represent me as the seller. I would say this means he was working two jobs one for the buyer and one for the seller. He pulled the whole transaction together effortlessly. I never experienced a bit of frustration through the escrow process. If some glitches did come up, I never knew it. He handled whatever came up and we closed right on time. He always took a proactive approach and notified me as to what inspections were happening and how if/it would affect my family. I owe him a debt of gratitude more than anything else. Not only did he hell my house, he alleviated a huge financial burden from my life.

I have included my name, address, and phone number. I am very open and confident about the service you will receive from Dan.

Do yourself a favor, experience his expertise selling your home.

Most sincerely,

Leslie Whitney